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Poll: Employer-sponsored coverage meeting needs of U.S. adults

Physician Practice Advisor, December 20, 2006

Most adults (89%) with employer-sponsored health insurance felt very or somewhat confident that their coverage will meet their needs in the upcoming year, and few expect to switch (6%) or drop (less than 0.5%) their current coverage next year, according to a recent Wall Street Journal Online/Harris Interactive poll.

The poll also found that most individuals believe their out-of-pocket costs at their point of care will remain the same in 2007 compared to this year. Adults with employer-sponsored health insurance, however, are more likely to anticipate an increase in their monthly premiums, according to a Harris Interactive release.

In addition, just 6% of respondents said they planned to enroll in medical saving accounts, health reimbursement accounts, or health savings accounts in 2007. The findings suggest that few people understand how these initiatives work, have the ability to set aside the money on a routine basis, or recognize the need for the savings vehicles because they remain confident their health insurance coverage will meet their needs, according to the release.

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