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Study: Medical groups concerned about turnover

Physician Practice Advisor, March 16, 2006

Medical groups are increasingly concerned about turnover and are taking steps to track it, according to a study by the American Medical Group Association (AMGA). Ninety percent of the respondents said they monitor turnover, a 23% increase over last year. Nearly half of the survey respondents were highly concerned about turnover and 36% placed turnover among the top three critical issues facing their group practices.

Annual turnover averaged 6.4% for all medical groups responding to the survey-5.2% for groups with more than 500 physicians and 6.9% for those with fewer than 500 physicians. Among the physicians leaving a group, 47% left in the first three years and 60% left in the first five years.

Groups with more than 500 physicians reported being less concerned with turnover and more focused on recruitment and interviewing techniques, whereas smaller groups emphasized retention efforts through communication and advancement opportunities.

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