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Long-Term Care Training Solutions

July 28, 2003

HCPro can help long-term care facilities-nursing homes, SNFs, assisted living providers, and home health agencies-with training on a variety of issues. Training topics range from MDS coding, preparing for visits from surveyors, HIPAA, to documentation, billing, reimbursement, quality of care, ADLs, and more.

Our various educational and information resources include:

HCProfessor™ Online Training Courses for Long-Term Care
Train your long-term care staff right from your facility's computers. HCProfessor™ (www.hcprofessor.com), the online learning division of HCPro, offers customizable, job-specific online long-term care HIPAA training courses for facility owners, administrators, all department heads, nurses, licensed vocational nurses (LVNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), therapists, directors of nursing, nursing management, contracted staff, CNAs, housekeeping staff, volunteers, vendors, administrative staff, students, and more.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the Basics of the MDS
  • Confidentiality and Privacy for Long-Term Care Managers and Licensed Staff
  • Long-Term Care Privacy for Beginners

Staff Training Handbooks for Long-Term Care
Long-term care facilities need a low-cost, effective way for staff to understand the basics of patient privacy, survey preparation, and other regulatory issues. Pass out these handy pocket-sized guides to all levels of staff, suited uniquely to their jobs or roles. Minimum orders apply.

  • The MDS Decoder: The ADLs
  • HIPAA Training Handbook for Long-Term Care Managers and Licensed Staff
  • HIPAA Privacy for Long Term Care Beginners
  • HIPAA Training Handbook for Rehab Providers
  • Survey Training Handbook for the Dietary Staff
  • Survey Training Handbook for Housekeeping, Laundry and Maintenance Staff
  • Survey Training Handbook for CNAs

Long-Term Care Training Videos
Cost-effective training for long-term care can be implemented with our videos, including an extensive library of training videos for CNAs. Topics include:

  • ADLs
  • LTC compliance
  • Nutrition screening
  • Pressure ulcer prevention
  • Incontinent care
  • Bathing
  • Positioning techniques
  • Restraint alternatives
  • CNA training

Specific titles include:

  • ADLs and You: Breaking the Code
  • Long-Term Care Corporate Compliance: Playing Your Part
  • And much more

Train the Trainer
HCPro offers one-on-one, custom information, advice, and ongoing support for trainers, educators, compliance officials, clinical care staff, managers, and human resources professionals.

Also available are train-the-trainer guides including:

  • LTC Trainers Guide to Survey (part of HCPro's Survey Prep Training Kit for Nursing Home Frontline Staff)
  • HIPAA Trainers Playbook (part of the Long-Term Care HIPAA Trainer's Toolkit)
  • ADLS Made Easy: Training Tools for LTC Nursing Staff
  • Long-Term Care Training Made Easy