HCPro Awarded Two Contracts With U.S. General Services Administration

Press Releases, May 28, 2003

GSA designates HCPro as a preferred provider

MARBLEHEAD, MASS., (May 30, 2003): Healthcare publisher and trainer HCPro, Inc. (www.hcpro.com) has signed two five-year Federal Supply Schedule contracts with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the agency through which federal employees can acquire more than four million products and services directly from more than 8,000 commercial suppliers.

This partnership with the GSA designates HCPro as a preferred provider, allowing federal employees to easily purchase-at special pricing-HCPro's training materials, newsletters, and books.

"Our contracts with the GSA result from a concerted effort to expand our presence in the federal healthcare sector," said David Miller, HCPro's Vice President of Sales. "Obtaining this approved vendor status will make it easier for federal customers to do business with us, which has been our goal."

HCPro recently received contract award notification from the GSA for two five-year Federal Supply Schedules-Schedule 76, which encompasses HCPro's books and newsletters, and Schedule 69, which covers HCPro's training videos, online learning courses, training handbooks and audioconference tapes.

HCPro now plans to obtain a third GSA contract, known as MOBIS (Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services), for HCPro's consulting division, The Greeley Co. "A MOBIS schedule contract would be, for us, the third piece of the federal contracting puzzle," said HCPro CEO Bruce Guzowski.

For more information on the GSA's Federal Supply Services Schedules Program, visit www.gsa.gov or www.gsaadvantage.gov.