ACDIS announces the release of the 2016 CDI Pocket Guide

Press Releases, December 30, 2015

The Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (ACDIS), the nation’s only healthcare community for clinical documentation professionals, is proud to announce the release of the 2016 edition of its best-selling CDI Pocket Guide.

Authors and industry experts Dr. Richard Pinson and Cynthia Tang have delivered a comprehensive update of the CDI Pocket Guide for the new ICD-10 code set. This tabbed/spiral-bound, rugged, compact reference guide is designed to be carried out on the floor or put on a busy desk as a resource, and is absolutely essential for any new or experienced CDI specialist, coder, or physician advisor, as well as any others involved in CDI.

The 2016 CDI Pocket Guide focuses on the most common opportunities to improve clinical documentation, coding, and DRG assignment impacting reimbursement, severity of illness, quality reporting, and pay-for-performance. Its five sections—Guidelines, Key References, Comorbid Conditions, DRG Tips, and the MS-DRG Table—are designed for quick and easy reference.

What’s NEW in 2016

  • ICD-10! You’ll find all sections of the book updated with guidance from the ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting and Coding Clinic, as well as ICD-10 codes, tips, and strategies to ease the transition from ICD-9.
  • In addition to ICD-10, we have added new clinical references, including accidental puncture and laceration, injuries and fractures, and peritonitis. Our expanded Comorbid Conditions section includes secondary diagnoses with high impact on MS-DRGs and APR-DRGs, as well as quality and CMS pay-for-performance outcome metrics.
  • You’ll find updated citations of medical literature and other authoritative sources to support diagnostic definitions, criteria, and guidelines, in addition to strategies for integrating CMS pay-for-performance initiatives into your CDI program.

To order the book, please visit our website:

“The CDI Pocket Guide has proven to be perhaps the most invaluable, indispensable resource for clinical documentation improvements, next to ACDIS membership,” said ACDIS Director Brian Murphy, CPC. “Healthcare reimbursement is changing right before our eyes from paying for volume of services to paying for quality, and the 2016 CDI Pocket Guide has recognized and incorporated this paradigm shift into its content. We are very pleased to be able to offer this unique resource to help CDI professionals succeed in their critical day-to-day functions.”

Now in its ninth year, ACDIS is a community of more than 4,600 CDI professionals who share the latest tips, tools, and strategies to implement successful CDI programs and achieve professional growth. ACDIS’ mission is to serve as the premier healthcare community for CDI specialists, providing a medium for education, professional growth, professional certification, and networking through its annual conference, local chapter outreach efforts, regular webinars, website, and social media outlets.

For more information about ACDIS and its offerings, please visit or call 877-240-6586.