HCPro Announces Launch of HCPro Comply™ for Revenue Cycle Regulatory and Compliance Intelligence Solution

Press Releases, April 23, 2012

HCPro, a leading provider of integrated information systems, analysis and workflow solutions to the U.S. healthcare industry, today announced it is developing a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform, HCPro Comply™, which will significantly enhance efficiencies and reduce risks associated with the complex regulations surrounding hospital compliance, billing and reimbursement.

The first product delivered on this platform will be HCPro Comply for Revenue Cycle, which will launch next week at the Health Care Compliance Association's 2012 Compliance Institute (April 29-May 2) in Las Vegas. This will be the first product in a broader compliance intelligence suite utilizing the HCPro Comply platform.

HCPro Comply for Revenue Cycle is designed to meet the information needs of compliance, revenue cycle and reimbursement professionals in the hospital market. The product combines in-depth regulatory, coding and reimbursement content with updated expert analysis and interpretation of compliance obligations, all delivered to users in a simple interface that features the most powerful search capabilities available in the industry. The enterprise-wide solution is enhanced by a unique "Ask the Expert" feature and HCPro expert analysis of regulatory changes in order to provide users with the knowledge they need at the moment it is required.

HCPro Comply for Revenue Cycle also includes ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes, crosswalks, guidance and education to ease hospitals' transition to the ICD-10 code set over the next two years. The platform will provide users with access to regulatory content, reimbursement codes, coding guidance and updates from source authority federal (e.g., CMS, HHS, OIG, AHA, etc.), state (Medicaid) and approved government contractors (e.g., RAC, MAC, etc.). It will also incorporate newsletter, book, expert blog and educational content from more than 30 relevant HCPro products including Medical Records Briefing, Briefing on Coding Compliance Strategies and Healthcare Auditing Strategies.

"We believe there is an urgent need in the marketplace for an advanced technology tool that helps hospital professionals remain at the forefront of compliance and regulatory changes so they can be less worried about unnecessary mistakes and omissions that lead to denials, audits and costly fines," said Brian K. Bussey, chief executive officer of HCPro. "HCPro Comply for Revenue Cycle fills this void by integrating regulatory and reimbursement content from the federal and state levels, expert HCPro interpretation and updates from a nationwide network of compliance analysts, and state-of-the-art workflow tools built into a powerful Web-based platform."

According to Bussey, HCPro Comply was developed in consultation with compliance and reimbursement professionals at more than 50 hospitals nationwide.

HCPro Comply for Revenue Cycle will be the only regulatory compliance information tool with SmartSearch technology, ensuring that it delivers answers that are more relevant than those provided by conventional search engines or regulatory databases. It achieves this with the use of semantic search technology, which provides users with concepts related to their original query so they can drill down on specific terms and run even smarter searches that will produce more precise search results. This technology enables hospital users to easily filter search results and discover important related regulatory content about which they might not have been previously aware, such as appropriate official federal, state and official source authority documents, reimbursement codes (e.g., ICD-9, ICD-10, HCPCS, UB-04, etc.) and guidance (e.g., Coding Clinics).

"One of the unique aspects of HCPro Comply for Revenue Cycle is that it is offered to hospital customers as an enterprise-wide solution accessible to all authorized users throughout the organization," Bussey said. "This business model eliminates the constant worry over 'seat licenses' and limited access within an organization. From an operational standpoint, enterprise-wide access to HCPro Comply for Revenue Cycle puts all financial, compliance, billing and reimbursement functions on the same page when it comes to regulatory information, research and compliance updates."

For more information about HCPro Comply for Revenue Cycle or to view a product video, please go to www.hcprocomply.com.