The Impact of Healthcare Reform: New HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report Available

Press Releases, December 13, 2011

The newest HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report, Reform's Impact: Staff and Service Cuts Expected, reveals thatonly 40% of healthcare senior executives who completed the survey believe the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will result in better access to healthcare services. This despite the fact that many pundits insist that access will be the only element of healthcare that PPACA will improve, simply because it ensures some level of healthcare coverage for many of the currently uninsured. Also of note are leaders' responses to the question of utilization. Fully 72% believe the law will lead to increased utilization of health services.

"The law is very heavily consumer-focused, and there is virtually nothing in it about benefit design change or patient responsibility because that's the political third rail. That's really the missing piece. And it's still basically an open checkbook to get whatever service you want on demand wherever you want it," says Marty Manning, president, Advocate Physician Partners, Chicago, and lead report advisor.

Produced with support from Optum, this comprehensive industry intelligence report is available for free download at

This exclusive, original research and analysis offers key insights from top healthcare executives and clinical leaders. Among the findings:

  • 72% of leaders believe PPACA will increase utilization of health services
  • But 43% say they have or will cut services because of reform
  • And 55% think it will mean staff reductions at their facility
  • 66% say dealing with the overall effects of PPACA will be difficult or very difficult for their organization

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