Cost Containment Overcoming Challenges: New HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report Available

Press Releases, November 17, 2011

Cost Containment Overcoming Challenges: New HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report Available

With healthcare expenses increasing every year, the challenge of cutting costs under one reimbursement system while preparing for the advent of another adds a degree of complexity for healthcare systems. Eliminating excess cost and waste is seen as a top priority but also where progress is seen as difficult to achieve, according to the newest HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report, Cost Containment: Overcoming Challenges.

"So many things are out of your control," says Dean Swindle, executive vice president and CFO at Catholic Health Initiatives in Englewood, CO, and the lead advisor for this report. "Patients show up randomly and severity is random. You have pretty good information on some trends, but you're limited on what you can and cannot do. The physician piece is also tough, because you generally have to outsource that directly and they have profit margins so you have less control over your costs."

Cost Containment: Overcoming Challenges uncovers the surprising results of eliminating excess cost and waste while balancing patient care and outcome. This comprehensive industry intelligence report is available for free download at

This exclusive, original research and analysis offers key insights from top healthcare executives and clinical leaders. Among the findings:

  • 90% of leaders say they have succeeded in cutting costs without harming outcomes or patient satisfaction
  • 55% of leaders say even with cost initiatives, they need to pull an additional 4–10% out of their operating budgets; 23% need to pull an additional 11% to beyond 20%
  • In a win for cost containment, 96% of leaders say clinical outcomes have improved or stayed the same under programs to eliminate waste and reduce cost; 90% say the same for patient satisfaction
  • 30% say reducing costs while maintaining service and outcomes is their single greatest obstacle to cost reduction

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