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Justice Department recoups $2.4 billion from false claims settlements in 2009

Compliance Monitor, November 25, 2009

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recovered $1.6 billion in healthcare-related fraud in fiscal year (FY) 2009, according to a DOJ press release. That amount accounted for two-thirds of the $2.4 billion recovered by the DOJ in FY2009, the second largest annual fiscal year recovery in civil fraud claims history.
New York state and New York City set a Medicaid claims settlement record by agreeing to repay $540 million.
Pharmaceutical and medical device companies accounted for the largest healthcare recoveries at $866.7 million in settlements. In addition to their federal returns, these companies reimbursed $402 million to state Medicaid programs.
Since the 1986 strengthening of the False Claims Act, the DOJ has recovered more than $24 billion in fraudulent claims.

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