HCPro launches new logo and tagline as part of its new corporate branding initiative

Press Releases, March 10, 2008

Marblehead, MA - HCPro, Inc today unveiled its new corporate branding campaign designed to reflect the company's focus on the future and strengthen its dedication to providing quality products and services that meet the needs of healthcare professionals.

The new brand identity involves changes to the company's logo and a new tagline: "Insight for Healthcare Compliance and Management." It also includes a new mission statement.

"HCPro's new mission statement reaffirms the company's commitment to its employees and stakeholders, and strengthens our devotion to helping our customers with their profession of healing," said Bruce Guzowski, HCPro's president and CEO. "For the past two decades, HCPro has assisted healthcare professionals, and our new corporate branding will lead us into the next 20 years."

The new logo keeps HCPro's familiar black and red colors, but includes a much sleeker font and simpler design. The initiative will unify the HCPro brand across all products, services and marketing platforms. Over the next few monthss, the logo will be placed on all products, marketing and sales communications, displays and Web sites, including the company's online store, HCPro's Healthcare Marketplace (www.hcmarketplace.com) scheduled to be redesigned next month.

HCPro has always developed new and innovative ways to help healthcare professionals. Over the past five years, HCPro has moved beyond its traditional books and newsletters by making significant investments in online resource centers in the areas of accreditation, credentialing, nursing, safety, finance, coding and compliance.