What are some ways to effectively communicate research findings to the rest of my facility so I can make needed changes in our clinical practice?

Nurse Manager Website, June 9, 2008

Relying on word of mouth alone or simply writing a summary report will not get you the results you want and will not energize new people to conduct or participate in research. Communication can either be formal or informal, and can occur in a multitude of different presentations. Ways to promote and disseminate research findings include:

  • Publication of findings in scholarly journals
  • Presentations at national or local professional conferences
  • Written clinical summary statements
  • Poster presentations at local and national conferences
  • Verbal information at local unit meetings and at various hospital committee meetings
  • Presentations at journal clubs
  • Dissertations
  • Presentations at continuing educational inservices

Also, if your organization has a research council, this can be invaluable in communicating and circulating the findings of research to the rest of the hospital. If your hospital does not, why not start one?

—Marquetta Flaugher, ARNP-BC, DSN