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News: CMS offers collection of ICD-10 tools

CDI Strategies, November 21, 2013

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Many facilities worry about the affect the new code set will have on MS-DRGs and their payments. Although the overall code changes are said to be budget neutral, that does not necessarily mean that all codes will continue to map to the MS-DRGs they do today.

CMS recently posted a draft ICD-10 definitions manual and code editor for the fiscal year 2014 Medicare Severity-Diagnosis-Related Groups (version 31). Providers can use the manual and editor, available under "downloads,” to better understand the impact of the ICD-10 coding system for medical diagnoses and inpatient procedures on the MS-DRG system.

CMS also recently released five online resources to aid providers in their ICD-10 implementation efforts. Although CMS designed some of these resources with providers in mind, much of the information is applicable to hospitals, payers, and vendors as well. The publications include:

  1. Introduction to ICD-10: Provides an overview of ICD-10 which provides tips for preparing for testing and implementation, guidelines for communicating with payers, clearinghouses, and billing services, as well as questions to ask when evaluating vendors.
  2. Role of Clearinghouses in ICD-10 Transition: Delves deeper into what clearinghouses can and cannot do for providers as they transition to ICD-10.
  3. Online ICD-10 Guide: Features readiness roadmaps for practices, small hospitals, and payers. Programs can address workflow issues, and customize tools as they related to their facilities specific organization needs.
  4. Basics for Small and Rural Practices: Offers several typical questions every facility needs to consider prior to implementation.
  5. ICD-10 Resources Flyer: To sum it all up, CMS created a flyer which lists and links to its various frequently asked questions, timelines, and recordings.

For those who prefer more interactive learning, CMS’ MLN Connects™ offers YouTube videos and video slideshow presentations including:

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