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CMS releases new ICD-10 resources

HIM-HIPAA Insider, November 18, 2013

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by Jaclyn Fitzgerald, Associate editor

CMS recently released five online resources to aid providers in their ICD-10 implementation efforts. Although CMS designed some of these resources with providers in mind, much of the information is applicable to hospitals, payers, and vendors as well.

To get things started, CMS’ Introduction to ICD-10 explains why the transition is important. This comprehensive overview of ICD-10 provides tips for gearing up for the transition and preparing for testing and implementation. It also features guidelines for communicating with payers, clearinghouses, and billing services, as well as questions to ask when evaluating vendors.

CMS’ Role of Clearinghouses in ICD-10 Transition dives a bit deeper than its Introduction to ICD-10 where clearinghouses are concerned. This resource provides information on what clearinghouses can and cannot do for providers as they transition to ICD-10.

The Online ICD-10 Guide is a comprehensive interactive roadmap for the transition to ICD-10. It features readiness roadmaps for practices, small hospitals, and payers. “It’s customizable and you can start thinking about this in terms of what ICD-10 means to your own practice,” says Robert Anthony, deputy director of the Health IT Initiatives group in the Office of E-Health Standards and Services at CMS. It aligns with CMS’ other ICD-10 timelines, but goes more in depth to address workflow issues and help people develop a “specific organizational plan,” according to Anthony.

CMS also released a document titled Basics for Small and Rural Practices. This resource outlines five questions to consider when transitioning to ICD-10. Even if you’re working at a larger practice or a hospital, some of the questions may still apply. For instance, everyone should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Where is my facility currently applying ICD-9-CM codes?
  • Are there ways to make coding more efficient at my facility?

Navigating your way through all of the ICD-10 resources available can be nearly as challenging as the transition to ICD-10 itself. If you’re having trouble finding the information you need, take a look at CMS’s new ICD-10 Resources Flyer. This easy-to-read comprehensive list includes links to each resource offered by CMS, including FAQs, timelines, and recordings of webinars.

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