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CMS offers help for ICD-10 transition

APCs Insider, September 20, 2013

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As September comes to a close and the calendar turns to October, the healthcare industry will be facing a landmark date that portends major ramifications across the industry.

No, it’s not the opening of the healthcare exchanges as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) October 1, but the one-year deadline to the implementation of ICD-10. According to a recent survey by Qualitest, only 26% of organizations have begun the testing phase for the transition.

While it may seem like a year provides plenty of time to plan, test, and implement the changes, organizations should already be well into their testing phase, according to CMS. To help payers, physician practices, and small hospitals prepare for ICD-10, CMS released an online implementation tool this week that features a step-by-step guide and projected timelines for each stage.

According to the guide, organizations must complete four major steps—each lasting several months—before the October 1, 2014, implementation:

Planning and analysis

 In order to be ready, CMS recommended starting testing in April 2013.

That means nearly three-quarters of the industry is behind the pace, if the Qualitest survey is accurate. Only 49% of respondents had even completed an impact assessment, including identifying their top 100 DRG codes and top 200 procedure and diagnosis codes.

Is your organization on target to meet the implementation date?



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