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Membership update: ICD-10 and physician query benchmarking reports available

CDI Strategies, September 12, 2013

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Two recent surveys conducted by ACDIS illustrate opportunities for expanded CDI involvement in ICD-10, electronic queries, and assessment of query success. The two surveys, 2013 ICD-10 Preparation Survey and The 2013 Physician Query Benchmarking Report, were conducted earlier this year and published in the July edition of the CDI Journal

In the ICD-10 Preparation Survey, 61% of respondents indicated they have an ICD-10 implementation committee in place, yet only 39% indicated that their CDI manager/director is a “key leader” in implementation efforts, and only 55% indicated that their facility HIM manager plays such a role.

“They say they are doing something to prepare, but they aren’t sure what,” says Rebecca “Ali” Williams, RN, BSN, CCDS, senior CDI consultant at United Audit Systems, Inc., in Cincinnati. “The survey really illustrates that the trickle-down of information regarding ICD-10 preparation isn’t happening at facilities at this point. That will have to change, and hopefully [soon].”

In the Physician Query Benchmarking Report, of those who have electronic query programs, only 25.5% indicate it includes auditing and reporting capabilities. The survey shows similarly low responses (between 20% and 30%) regarding the efficacy of e-queries.

“Those numbers are really low,” says ACDIS Advisory Board member Dee Banet. “These are really areas where the electronic systems can work for us. These results might be indicative of those who are struggling with adapting to the change, or it might represent those who feel frustration that the system simply isn’t helping.”

Editor’s Note: ACDIS members have access to these and previous years’ editions of these reports via the CDI Journal. Additionally, The Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist's Guide to ICD-10, Second Edition, and The Physician Queries Handbook, Second Edition, both include raw survey data in the online materials download sections.

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