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Ensure your wound care coding is compliant

APCs Insider, March 1, 2013

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HIM managers and coders know that accurate wound care coding starts long before the record hits to the coder’s desk or computer. Every step of the patient encounter—from registration through procedure—affects what coders report.

Registration needs to make sure the patient’s services are covered. If not, registration may need to provide an advance beneficiary notice (ABN). Without an ABN, the facility may not be able to bill for the services.
Once the patient is being treated, the clinical staff must follow CMS’ supervision requirements. Coders also need to know what those requirements are and the documentation must clearly indicate that the supervision requirement was met.
Speaking of documentation, providers need to document a variety of elements for coders to report wound care services:
  • How large was the wound?
  • What kind of debridement did the provider perform?
  • How deep did the debridement go?
  • What other services did the provider perform?
Can you code an E/M visit with the wound care? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends what the provider actually did and how well the provider documented the encounter.
Experienced coding professional Gloria Miller, CPC, CPMA, will help you answer these questions and many more during the 90-minute live webcast 2013 Outpatient Wound Care Coding: Ensure Compliance From Registration to Billing. The webcast begins at 1 p.m. Eastern Tuesday, March 5.
Gloria is vice president of reimbursement services at Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions, Inc., in Tacoma, Wash, and is a great speaker (of course I am somewhat biased because I get to work with her). She has presented numerous audio conferences and webcasts on wound care coding, compliance, and reimbursement.
In addition to her presentation, Gloria will also answer live audience questions, so be sure to join us for what I am sure will be another great Gloria presentation!

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