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Director’s Note: ICD-10 Benchmarking survey open

CDI Strategies, December 20, 2012

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When the first ACDIS ICD-10 implementation benchmarking survey published in October of 2010, there were three years left prior to actual implementation. At that time, 52% of the more than 300 survey respondents indicated they had only basic awareness of ICD-10. Another 44% of respondents at the time indicated their facility did not have an ICD-10 training timeline, and 51% said CDI staff didn’t have a seat at the table regarding to ICD-10 implementation. (ACDIS members can read the entire report in the CDI Journal section of the ACDIS website.)

Fast forward to December 2012.
What many thought would be a mad-scramble rush to the finish line with ICD-10 implementation pending seemingly remains a struggle to secure resources. In August, CMS announced a one-year delay of ICD-10 implementation—setting the new “final” date at October 1, 2014. Nevertheless just last month the American Medical Association (AMA) vocalized its opposition to ICD-10 implementation, according to a preliminary report of its 2012 interim meeting.
According to an ACDIS website poll following the delay announcement, 52% of respon­dents indicated that they were relieved to have the one-year extension; 24% indicated that no one in their facility had received ICD-10 training.
To obtain data regarding CDI program involvement in ICD-10 preparations, ACDIS composed a 30-question followup ICD-10 survey. The survey aims to further clarify what role CDI specialists play in preparing for the upcoming transition to ICD-10 and gauge where facilities stand in the planning process.
Just as it did in 2010, your participation matters. Help us make the 2013 ICD-10 benchmarking survey meaningful by adding your experiences to our results. Click here to complete the survey.

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