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Have you done your ICD-10 coder assessments?

ICD-10 Trainer, November 16, 2012

Do you know what you don’t know about ICD-10? Do you know where your knowledge gaps are? Unfortunately, the answer is probably no.

More than half of the people who responded to our completely unscientific poll on JustCoding said their organizations haven’t performed any coder assessments in preparation for ICD-10.

I was a little surprised by that, especially when I looked back at the timelines AHIMA and AAPC put out in 2010 and 2011. Those guidelines recommended coders complete anatomy and physiology (A&P) assessments by mid-2011 based on the October 1, 2013 implementation date.

Move the implementation date forward one year to October 1, 2014, and you can also move those assessment target dates up a year. So coders should have completed assessments by mid-2012. It’s now November and 56% of respondents said their organizations had not yet conducted any coder assessments.

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