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Healthcare News: CMS issues next wave of supervision decisions on Hospital Outpatient Payment Panel

JustCoding News: Outpatient, October 17, 2012

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The Hospital Outpatient Payment Panel recommended CMS change the supervision requirements for 15 HCPCS and CPT® codes during its second meeting this year in August. CMS released details of the meeting September 24.

Following the first meeting of the year in March, CMS approved recommendations that became effective July 1. Following the August meeting, CMS issued proposals on the changes to the current supervision levels from direct to general for the following codes:
  • HCPCS code G0008, administration of influenza virus vaccine
  • HCPCS code G0009, administration of pneumococcal vaccine
  • HCPCS code G0010, administration of hepatitis B vaccine
  • HCPCS code G0127, trimming of dystrophic nails, any number
  • CPT code 11719, trimming of nondystrophic nails, any number
  • CPT code 36000, introduction of needle or intracatheter, vein
  • CPT code 36591, collection of blood specimen from a completely implantable venous access device
  • CPT code 36592, collection of blood specimen using established central or peripheral catheter, venous, not otherwise specified
  • CPT code 51702, insertion of temporary indwelling bladder catheter; simple (e.g., Foley)
  • CPT code 51705, change of cystostomy tube; simple
  • CPT code 51798, measurement of post-voiding residual urine and/or bladder capacity by ultrasound, non-imaging
  • CPT code 96360, intravenous infusion, hydration; initial, 31 minutes to 1 hour
  • CPT code 96361, intravenous infusion, hydration; each additional hour (list separately in addition to code for primary procedure)
  • CPT code 96521, refilling and maintenance of portable pump
  • CPT code 96523, irrigation of implanted venous access device for drug delivery systems
These recommendations are open for public comment through October 24 and the final decisions will become effective on January 1, 2013.

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