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Epilepsy codes in ICD-10-CM requires additional documentation

ICD-10 Trainer, July 27, 2012

Epilepsy affects nearly 3 million Americans and 50 million people worldwide, so you may see some of these patients come through your facility or practice.

In ICD-9-CM, you find many of the epilepsy codes in the 345 series. These codes require five digits, with the fourth specifying the subtype of epilepsy and the fifth identifying whether the epilepsy is intractable.

When we get to ICD-10-CM (G40, epilepsy and recurrent seizures), you’ll find that the code descriptions include intractable or not intractable, as well as with and without status epilepticus. Status epilepticus is a serious medical condition where prolonged or clustered seizures develop into non-stop seizures, according to the Epilepsy Foundation.

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