Health Information Management

Yes...It's okay to start purging

HIM-HIPAA Insider, June 4, 2012

by Frank Ruelas

For a number of reasons, folks seem to be hesitant to purge hard-copy records that are greater than the six-year retention requirements for HIPAA (Security or Privacy).

Consequently, people are asking if they need to keep the original training sheets on file or can they scan them and get rid of the paper copies?

The answer is that certainly these hard copies can be kept on file indefinitely but there is not a requirement that prevents a covered entity from scanning and filing documents used to substantiate that it has trained its workforce such as class attendance roster sign in sheets.

There are a number of other common questions that are coming up given how long folks are keeping records on file but I wanted to share this one first because it seems to be coming up more and more.

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