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The dangers of do-it-yourself

ICD-10 Trainer, May 18, 2012

Home repair and improvement can be hazardous to your health. Just ask the residents of Calamity Condos who are visiting the Fix ‘Em Up Clinic.

Tom and Wendy decided to repaint the living room of their condo. When it came time to paint the ceiling, Wendy picked up Hawkeye the cat to make things safer for Tom on the ladder. Alas, Tom leaned too far back on the ladder, overbalanced, and crashed to the floor. The thump scared Hawkeye, who clawed his way out of Wendy’s grip and headed off for parts unknown (that were presumably quieter).
Dr. Crusher notes that she is seeing Tom for the first time for injuries suffered during the fall from the ladder. She documents Tom sustained a concussion, lower back contusion, and sprained wrist in the fall.

So how do we code Tom’s injuries?

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