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Director’s Note: Help kick-off Clinical Documentation Improvement Week

CDI Strategies, July 21, 2011

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ACDIS is sponsoring the industry’s first Clinical Documentation Improvement Week on Sept. 18-24, 2011. As part of the week’s offerings, we are providing an industry outlook survey on a handful of hot topics in the CDI industry. The results of the survey will be made publicly available.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey by clicking here. If you cannot access the survey, please copy and paste the following link into your web browser:
Over the coming week’s we will be sharing additional information and ideas that you can take back to your programs to help celebrate the CDI mission and your own professional achievements at your facilities. We’ll have a poster and some powerpoint training tools for free download. We also plan on having some ACDIS-branded items for purchase,
You can help us make this first annual event a success. We have a few fun activities in mind but we need your help.
Your videos wanted!
First, we’re looking for some very short (30 seconds or so, and no more than a minute) video clips from members. We plan to splice them together and create a “Welcome to Clinical Documentation Improvement Week” kickoff video that will be uploaded to the ACDIS website.
The video clips should be of your CDI team and/or other related staff (physicians, ancillary staff, etc.) and might include the following:
  • Why you’re excited about the week
  • What you’re planning for activities for the week in your facility
  • Why you think a national week of recognition is important
  • What you hope Clinical Documentation Improvement Week will do for the CDI profession
Now, a few technical details.
We would prefer to receive electronic files as opposed to tapes. Most camcorders and even digital hand cameras come with software nowadays so you should be able to do this electronically. If you are having difficulties sending them via email because of size, we can provide you with an FTP site and instructions on uploading files to us. (Just e-mail me at and I can send you the details on this.)
We would prefer the following files: .avi, .mov, and .mp4. Although .wmv files are okay.
When you’re recording, make sure the room isn’t too dark, and try to find a quiet place without a lot of background noise. Speak loud and clear (consider doing a sound check first) and keep the shots “close up” if possible. From the waist up is a good starting point.
Tell us your success stories!
Second, tell us your “best” CDI success story (for example, describe a process you developed, a difficult query you had answered, a department goal you met, or a tough physician you won over). We will publish these success stories on the ACDIS website and the 10th and 50th respondents will win an ACDIS book or audio conference of their choice. This idea is one of the “Week’s Activities” which you can find on the ACDIS website:
Thanks for your participation, and if you have any questions about the survey, video, suggested week’s activities, or Clinical Documentation Improvement Week in general, don't hesitate to e-mail me at or call 781-639-1872, ext. 3216. This should be a lot of fun!

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