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Tip: Thoughts for how to develop CDI metrics

CDI Strategies, December 23, 2010

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by Donald A. Butler, RN, CCDS

One analysis I particularly like is a metric I refer to as chart value.  I calculate for the entire program as well as for the individual CDI specialist.  I believe it helps to partially level comparison among different clinical areas. For example, surgical areas have fewer query opportunities (See poll: Do you find many query opportunities in your surgical unit?), but there often is a larger financial impact with those surgical CC’s or MCC’s.
Calculation for any given time frame is simple: Total financial gain divided by total number of cases reviewed equals chart value. I find this useful in several aspects:
  • It provides a nice perspective on a quarterly (or monthly) basis for program or individual performance.
  • When there is a dynamic transfer process between units, this metric helps to clarify and understand a lower individual performance when compared with the activity on a particular discharge unit. There were many opportunities from previous units that were captured for CC’s or principal diagnosis clarifications and the final CDI specialists was picking up at what remained.
  • Also, as mentioned, it helps to ‘level’ the comparison when comparing individual performances.
  • The variables over time of the number of queries, the number of cases reviewed, etc. are also somewhat leveled out.
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