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Tip: What to include in a homegrown analysis of CDI

CDI Strategies, October 14, 2010

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When it comes to tracking CDI program data, many facilities fall back on the information provided by their consultants,. But other CDI programs often rely on homegrown data systems. Mary Cooper, EVP, of ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc., in Wakefield, RI, suggests a few items to consider for those CDI programs who go it on their own:

  • The less repetitive data entry that needs to be done the better. If admission data can be uploaded from your facility’s information systems output, it will save time and greatly reduce errors.
  • Excel spreadsheets lend themselves to home-grown systems, but require quite a bit of data entry, DRG reimbursement lookup, and manual manipulation to generate essential monthly reports.
  • Access databases take the home-grown system a step further, allowing some better reporting, but requires someone with Access expertise to develop and see to its care and feeding
  • With any system, patient data security is a major concern.  Ask if the information in your data analysis contains protected information and if so determine if it is secure from loss, unauthorized access, or even inadvertent nosiness. At the very least be sure to password protect Excel spreadsheets or Access databases.
  • With RAC auditors requesting queries and their responses, make sure that you are able to provide the documentation upon request from your system, without undue burden on staff
  • Ability to track all payers is becoming essential, not only because more states are moving to DRG-based payment systems, but to prove that documentation improvement is being done across the board and not only for Medicare patients (and especially not just the big-dollar Medicare DRGs).
 Editor’s note: For information, contact Cooper at 401/473-2003 or visit

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