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Tip of the Week: Understand EP procedure notes in order to assign correct codes

APCs Insider, December 14, 2007

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To ensure HIM/coding staff understand electrophysiol­ogy (EP) procedure notes and assign correct codes, Jim Collins, CPC-CARDIO, CHCC, ACS, CA, CEO of the Cardiology Coalition in Matthews, NC, recommends that they learn the following terms:

Sinus node (sinoatrial node, SA node): The group of cells that initiate the electrical impulse. The sinus node is the natural pacemaker of the heart.

Atrioventricular node (AV node): The relay station between the atrium and ventricles. This node slows the elec­trical impulse and has a refractory period that blocks retro­grade conduction of impulses and antegrade conduction of extra impulses.

Bundle of His: Connects the AV node to two pathways that reach into each of the ventricles.

Right and left bundle branches: Connect the Bundle of His to contracting fibers in the ventricles (Purkinje).

(The above tip was excerpted from the December issue of Briefings on APCs).

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