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Face forward

Homecare Insider, May 9, 2016

Face-to-face documentation requirements are vexing many home health agencies. Medicare requires specific documentation of face-to-face encounters as part of physician certification for home health services. Yet agencies struggle with obtaining proper documentation from physicians to satisfy this requirement. The result is delay or denial of Medicare claims, which affects agencies’ bottom lines. As of February, agencies must also provide documentation of the face-to-face encounter for Medicaid beneficiaries, extending the confusion to a new patient population.

Tune in to "Face-to-Face Forward: Master the Process for Optimal Care and Reimbursement" on Wednesday, June 22 for answers to your face-to-face dilemma. Healthcare attorney Jessica C. Forster will provide insights on the key factors for compliance with documentation requirements, as well as offers strategies for challenging inappropriate audit denials through the Medicare appeals process. Click here for more information.