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Insider’s Scoop | Start-of-Care Assessments

Homecare Insider, October 12, 2015

Editor’s note: This week’s Insider’s Scoop is adapted from one of HCPro’s popular home health titles, Home Health Pocket Guide to OASIS-C1: A Reference for Field Staff, written by Melinda A Gaboury, COS-C. The complete resource—available for purchase individually or in a pack of three for a special rate—helps frontline staff across the agency record compliant OASIS documentation from their patients’ bedsides. For more information or to order, call customer service at 800-650-6787 or visit www.hcmarketplace.com

The start-of-care (SOC) assessment is completed as a patient is being admitted to a home health agency, as well as in each of the following situations:
  • The patient is admitted to the hospital on day 45 of a home health episode and does not return home until the third day of the new episode (day 63 from the original SOC).
  • The patient turns 65 years of age on May 14, and Medicare becomes the primary payer for the patient on May 1. The patient was first admitted to home health on April 15. The patient would be discharged as of April 30 and readmitted with a new SOC assessment on May 1, with Medicare as the primary payer. The same would be true if Medicare would be the secondary payer effective May 1.
  • The patient is discharged from home health for any reason on day 30 of the home health episode and is read-mitted on day 50 for the same or an unrelated condition.
The SOC assessment must be initiated within 48 hours of a patient’s referral to home health, and the clinician has up to five full days following the SOC date to complete the form. The SOC assessment is also the initial point for monitoring outcomes.
The following Mxxxx items are included on the SOC assessment:
  • M0010–M0030, M0040–M0069, M0140, M0150: Patient Tracking Sheet (PTS)
  • M0080–M0110: Clinical Record Items
  • M1000–M1036: Patient History & Diagnoses
  • M1100–M1242: Living Arrangements & Sensory Status
  • M1300–M1302, M1306, M1308, 1320–M1324, M1330–M1350: Integumentary Status
  • M1400, M1410: Respiratory Status
  • M1600–M1630: Elimination Status
  • M1700–M1750: Neuro/Emotional/Behavioral Status
  • M1800–M1910: ADL/IADLs
  • M2000, M2002, M2010, M2020–M2040: Medications
  • M2102, M2110: Care Management
  • M2200, M2250: Therapy Need and Plan of Care