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Ethics and Liability for the Home Health Team, a new HCPro training video

Homecare Insider, September 21, 2015

A home health agency depends on its entire care team—aides, nurses, therapists, and social workers—to deliver quality services and produce compliant documentation. If even one frontline staff member doesn’t have a firm grasp on ethical practices and liability risks, the entire organization can be in danger of fraud, abuse, Medicare reimbursement denials, and even legal ramifications. Enter Ethics and Liability for the Home Health Team, a brand new training video from HCPro that equips agencies with standardized, comprehensible training for the entire care team.
Beyond shedding light on some of the setting's top ethics and liability conundrums through accessible discussion and illustrative scenarios, this video also comes with a downloadable quiz to measure staff members' competence with key concepts. More specifically, Ethics and Liability for the Home Health Team benefits the entire clinical team and guards against operational fallouts by:
  • Presenting lifelike, common home health–specific scenarios reviewed by a legal expert
  • Covering foundational Medicare regulatory issues, such as homebound status and skilled nursing requirements, to guide staff toward compliant care
  • Including a quiz to test learning comprehension
  • Offering quick and easy training for new staff or for annual orientations
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