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The Weekly Roundup

Homecare Insider, September 21, 2015

With the kickoff of ICD-10 just a handful of days away, CMS has released an infographic to help healthcare providers determine whether their internal systems and practices are ready for the classification system. Click here to see the infographic and here to access CMS’ growing library of ICD-10 tools and resources for providers across the continuum.
In other ICD-10 news, CMS recently issued a MLN Matters® article intended to help providers that have encountered difficulties submitting ICD-10 claims during testing periods avoid processing disruptions after mandatory implementation. Providers that are unable to complete the necessary systems changes or that are having issues with billing software, vendor(s), or clearinghouse(s), may use the following alternatives: free billing software, provider internet portals, direct data entry (DDE), and paper claims. To read the full MLN Matters article, click here.
CMS recently clarified its survey training instructions surrounding the citation of home health agencies for condition-level deficiencies. In a September 11 memo addressed to state survey agencies, CMS explained previous trainings emphasized that the phrase “consider citing the Condition” implied surveyors “should” cite the Condition. The agency has since revised its education in this realm to specify that while surveyors may consider citing a condition when indicated by the regulation, they can still exercise professional judgement when making this decision. Click here to read the full memo.