Home Health & Hospice

Letter from the editor

Homecare Insider, August 24, 2015


Dear reader,
We are trying something new. As you peruse this week’s edition of Homecare Insider, HCPro’s free e-newsletter for home health and hospice providers, you’ll notice a few striking changes to the format and contents of the publication. Most notably, we’ve done away with the longstanding Editor’s Pick news item and have introduced two brand new features to take its place:
  • The Weekly Roundup, a collection of news bites on the week’s top industry happenings delivered in a concise, accessible list format for quick reading on the go or in that rare moment of downtime
  • Insider’s Scoop,a selection of targeted educational content on a timely topic from HCPro’s extensive library of home health and hospice resources
Based on these additions, we’ve also modified our popular Weekly Q&A feature to highlight a salient discussion point from the latest Insider’s Scoop piece, so readers can continue to test their comprehension of key care topics.
We feel these updates to one of our signature e-newsletters for home health and hospice providers will help you, our valued reader, maximize your exposure to the latest industry news, while at the same time familiarizing you with the rich content that makes up our ever-growing library of home health and hospice products.  
Look for a link to a brief survey on the new and improved Homecare Insider in an upcoming issue of the publication. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with your feedback on the e-newsletter, another HCPro product, or any healthcare topic on which you’d like more guidance. 
Thank you for being a loyal member of the HCPro provider community.
Delaney Rebernik
Editor, Homecare Insider