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What are some alternative submission options available to providers that won’t be able to transmit ICD-10 claims electronically?

Homecare Insider, May 4, 2015

Although CMS encourages providers to prepare for the transition to ICD-10 by ensuring they will be able to electronically submit claims coded using the updated methodology for all services provided on or after October 1, 2015, the agency will offer several alternative options for those who will being unable to submit claims in this way due to problems with their electronic reporting system:
    • Through free billing software that can be downloaded from any Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)
    • Using Part B claims submission functionality on the MAC’s provider internet portal, available in about half of these contractors’ jurisdictions
    • Submitting paper claims, if the Administrative Simplification Compliance Act waiver provisions are met
A couple caveats: Each of these options requires the provider to be able to code in ICD-10. In addition, CMS advises facilities opting for non-electronic claim submission to set aside enough time for staff to prepare and complete training on free billing software or portals before the compliance date.