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Accountability, Professionalism, and Ethics in Home Health

Homecare Insider, March 9, 2015

Professionalism, accountability, and ethics are increasingly required for success in home health. On March 19, 2015from 2pm-3:30pm (ET), Arnie Cisneros, PT, will discuss home health providers’ top concerns in these areas and what effects they may have on the care value of the industry's programming.

Cisneros will also cover how professionalism can improve the delivery of care, why a lack of accountability compromises clinical outcomes, and which ethical decisions could arise in the future to challenge our clinical results.
At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Identify areas where accountability, professionalism, and ethics may have been affected in historical care delivery
  • Propose how these elements may affect today's care outcomes
  • Relate care outcomes to the demands of the healthcare reform bill
  • Delineate methods of educating and addressing these areas in current and future care protocols
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NOTE: This presentation is the third and final installment in our 2015 Home Health Winter Webcast Series. If you missed our first two shows, don’t sweat it! You can buy them here and here on demand. Or, register for all three programs in the series, and save