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CMS' voluntary HIT survey for PAC providers ends tomorrow

Homecare Insider, March 2, 2015

Tomorrow is the final day for home health agencies and their counterparts in the skilled nursing, long-term care hospital, and inpatient rehabilitation settings to take a voluntary survey developed by CMS to better understand the current intersection of health information technology (HIT) and postacute care (PAC).

CMS first launched the PAC-centered survey last month to gauge if and how providers in this sector have begun using HIT, including electronic health information exchange and electronic health records, to fuel coordinated care transitions and support their clinical care services—even in the absence of direct financial incentives. In addition, the agency hopes to learn more about both the benefits to adoption and barriers to participation.
“I think the survey will be very important in updating our understanding of the technology that’s being used and how it’s being used in this sector,” an official from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services tells HCPro.
Due to the technical nature of the questions, CMS and survey administrator Lantana Consulting Group urge providers to designate a respondent with knowledge about their HIT systems to complete the survey. In addition, the organizations state that providers may need to seek support from a staff member with operational experience when answering administrative questions (e.g., number of FTEs, future plans).
Because the survey is fully voluntary, CMS underscores that there is no penalty for not responding and that individual answers will not be made public. The estimated time needed to complete the survey is 20 minutes.
To access the survey, click here.
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