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To which of the 27 quality measures currently reported on Home Health Compare is CMS considering assigning star ratings?

Homecare Insider, December 15, 2014

There are currently 27 quality measures publicly reported on Home Health Compare, broken into three measure types: process, outcome, and patient experience of care. CMS is considering a subset of ten measures for star ratings based on their breadth of applicability, stability, meaningful variation among providers, and clinical relevance:
Process Measures
  1. Timely Initiation of Care
  2. Drug Education on all Medications Provided to Patient/Caregiver
  3. Influenza Immunization Received for Current Flu Season
  4. Pneumococcal Vaccine Ever Received
Outcome Measures
  1. Improvement in Ambulation
  2. Improvement in Bed Transferring
  3. Improvement in Bathing
  4. Improvement in Pain Interfering With Activity
  5. Improvement in Dyspnea
  6. Acute Care Hospitalization