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Put it in writing: Agency ICD-10 readiness assessment and preparation plan

Homecare Insider, March 17, 2014


In preparing for ICD-10, your agency should consider three major areas:
  • Quality of information and data
  • Cost of conversion
  • Time and education
You should complete a needs assessment that focuses on readiness and education for your agency. You will also need to address budget concerns, staffing, software, and training. To prepare, you should conduct a readiness assessment on your agency staff that includes coders, intake staff, clinicians, and billing staff. In addition, the readiness of your software vendor needs to be assessed. All of these assessments enable agencies to initiate steps necessary to gather and organize information, identify systems and processes that need to be addressed, and pinpoint where to apply resources.

After completing your agency's readiness assessment, you should formulate a written ICD-10 preparation plan for the agency. This plan should have three phases that allow for timely planning and preparation, and you may find that your agency has already completed some of the necessary preparatory steps. On the following pages, you will find an example of a readiness assessment for your agency/coders and your vendor.
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