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Survey Prep: Acing Entrance Interviews

Homecare Insider, August 13, 2012

The entrance interview is your opportunity to establish rapport with the surveyor. The arrival of a surveyor can be stressful to management and disruptive to staff and their daily activities, but if your agency is well prepared, the event shouldn’t even elicit a blink.

When the surveyor arrives, the receptionist should welcome him or her, ask for the surveyor's credentials, and offer a seat while management is notified. Management should welcome the surveyor and take him or her to a private office where the entrance interview will be conducted.

You may have anyone you like be a part of the entrance interview. However, it is important to involve management staff and clinical supervisors. The surveyor will inform the agency administrator, director, or supervisor of the purpose of the survey. He or she will explain the survey process and estimate the number of days he or she will be on-site. The surveyor will provide you with a list of his or her needs.

Issues that will be addressed during the entrance interview include:

  • The agency’s organizational structure, lines of authority, and delegation of responsibility
  • Services furnished by the agency, both directly and under arrangement (contract)
  • The agency’s relationship to any corporate structure
  • All additional agency locations, including branches—in fact, the survey can actually begin at a branch
  • Scheduling of staff interviews
  • Identification of the key agency staff person who will be the surveyor’s primary resource
  • Surveyor access to clinical records
  • Home visits

During this interview, the surveyor may also inquire about OASIS data submission problems or errors. Once the entrance interview is complete, inform the surveyor who will be available to answer questions and where that person is located.