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Learn More About Your Advance Directives Policy

Homecare Insider, July 2, 2012

Your admission packet should include a summary of your agency’s policy on advance directives and a copy of your state law regarding advance directives. On the patient rights statement, include an acknowledgement of the patient’s receipt of this information. Place a copy of these documents in the patient’s home folder. If a patient has formulated an advance directive, obtain a copy of that document and place it in the clinical record, ensuring that all staff providing care are aware of the patient’s advance directives.

Your advance directives policy should address the following points:
  • You will provide all patients with written information about their rights under state law to make decisions about their medical care, accept or refuse medical or surgical treatment, and formulate (if the patient opts) an advance directive
  • You will inform patients about your advance directive policy
  • Documentation regarding whether or not the patient has executed an advance directive will be placed in the clinical record
  • The agency will not discriminate or condition the patient’s care on an individual based on whether or not they have an advance directive
  • Ensure compliance with the related state requirements on advance directives
  • The agency will provide staff and community education on issues concerning advance directives
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