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Have you read the MedPAC's June report to Congress?

Homecare Insider, July 23, 2012

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) issued its June report to Congress last month. MedPAC releases reports each March and June.

The topics covered in this report include:

  • Reforming Medicare’s benefit design
  • Care coordination in fee-for-service Medicare
  • Care coordination programs for dual-eligible beneficiaries
  • Issues for risk adjustment in Medicare Advantage
  • Serving rural Medicare beneficiaries
  • Medicare coverage of and payment for home infusion therapy
  • Review of CMS’s preliminary estimate of the 2013 update for physician and other professional services

All of these topics relate to homecare, but of particular importance are:

  • Care coordination in fee-for-service Medicare
    • According to the report, care coordination for beneficiaries in FFS Medicare with an emphasis on the results of past Medicare care coordination demonstration projects and a review of promising new models. Near-term methods to encourage care coordination within the current FFS system—such as explicit payments for related services to primary care clinicians—may need to be pursued until more integrated payment and delivery systems evolve.
  • Serving rural Medicare beneficiaries
    • MedPAC states that “care for beneficiaries in rural areas of the United States, including access to care for rural beneficiaries, the quality of the care they receive, special rural payments, and the adequacy of payments for rural providers.” MedPAC developed and brought forward several principles to help formulate and guide rural policies in the future.
  • Medicare coverage of and payment for home infusion therapy
    • The report looks into Medicare’s payment for home infusion. The report states, “We examine issues related to Medicare payment for infusion of drugs in the beneficiary’s home and the circumstances under which enhanced coverage could better meet the beneficiary’s needs and save money for the program.”

Read the full report today!