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The Administrator's Orientation Pathway

Homecare Insider, June 4, 2012

If you are new to home health administration, your orientation to your position is complex. And, quite often, you will step into your new role with no one present to assist you in your orientation. To ensure that you review, read, and study everything that will assist you in your orientation, following a pathway is very helpful. Your orientation cannot be rushed; there is a huge amount of information that you need to arm yourself with in order to fulfill your new role. And you will most likely be doing this while also managing the agency.

Prior to orientation, you will have completed your pre-employment process, which includes a criminal background check. In addition to that, you should conduct a review of your agency’s personnel policies.
What follows is an example of some of the components of a homecare administrator’s orientation pathway:
  • Review of agency’s policies and procedures
  • Review of CoP and Interpretive Guidelines
  • Review of state rules and regulations
  • Review of Medicare Home Health Agency Manual
  • Review of accreditation standards (if your agency is accredited)
  • Review of Medicare and Medicaid billing manuals
  • Review of agency billing and collection procedures
  • Review of home health nursing scope and standards of practice
  • Review of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Outcome and Assessment Information Set User’s Manual
  • Review of agency annual budget and financial reports for the previous 12 months
  • Review of the agency’s quality assurance and performance improvement program
  • Review of agency admission packet
  • Review of agency orientation guidelines for all staff, including job descriptions
As you can see, the information you need to review is complex. However, nothing is more important than knowing the rules and regulations with which your agency must comply. As the administrator, you must ensure that your staff members know the rules and regulations as well.