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New and Revised ICD-9-CM Codes Effective October 1

Homecare Insider, August 29, 2011

On October 1, the new and revised ICD-9-CM codes will be effective. If providers have not obtained the official list of new, revised, and invalid codes, they need to do so. Agencies can find the final addendum providing complete information on changes to the diagnosis part of ICD-9-CM posted on CDC’s webpage.

Included in these new and revised codes are:
  • Expanded E-coli codes that have gone from only one code to four
  • 40 new skin cancer codes
  • New dementia codes that allow for specific etiology and behavioral issues
  • New glaucoma codes with revised glaucoma guidelines.

The new codes also contain several new V-codes including those for acquired absence of hip, knee, and other joints and seven related to family and personal history. Over thirty codes will be invalid, and many have revised titles.