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Tips for Proper Completion of M1012

Homecare Insider, November 22, 2010

OASIS-C data element M1012 identifies medical procedures that the patient received during an inpatient facility stay within the past 14 days that are relevant to the plan of care. In the future, this data element could be used to calculate risk adjustment, which impacts your agency’s outcomes. Accuracy of this data element is vital.

When answering this data element, consider procedures at all inpatient facilities and not just hospitals. The 14 day time period applies to the timing of the inpatient discharge, not the date, of the procedure. 

Remember these tips when completing M1012:
  • Get procedure information from the referral source up front. This increases your chances of getting the most complete and accurate information.
  • Request the operative report from your referral sources. This report contains valuable information.
  • When searching for a correct procedure code, think of a different descriptive term if you are having trouble finding it. For example, look for “insertion” instead of “placement”.
  • This data element identifies procedure codes not diagnosis codes.
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