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Utilization Outcomes in 2010

Homecare Insider, July 19, 2010

A utilization outcome suggests but does not always reflect a change in health status.  Some of these outcomes, such as acute care hospitalization, also relate to the utilization of healthcare services because of the change in health status.  The data elements in the transfer and discharge assessments provide the specifics for calculating utilization outcomes. 

Data from OASIS-C will generate four utilization outcomes that will be part of the agency's Outcome-based Quality Improvement (OBQI) reports.  These outcomes (with the main underlying OASIS data element) are:

  • Emergency department use without hospitalization (M2300)
  • Emergency department use with hospitalization (M2300)
  • Acute care hospitalization (M2410)
  • Discharged to community (M2420)

There will be a change in Home Health Compare (HHC) reporting.  Beginning in 2011, HHC will report two utilization outcomes, emergency department use without hospitalization and acute care hospitalization.  Discharged to community had been a utilization outcome generated from OASIS-B1 data, but the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services eliminated it. 

The audio recording, “OASIS-C and the Agency’s Operations,” talks about the impact of OASIS-C on OBQI, Outcome-based Quality Monitoring (OBQM), and Home Health Compare (HHC).  Learn more about this educational CD at — http://www.beaconhealth.org/item--OASIS-C-and-the-Agency-s-Operations--J121709D.html.