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In Homecare, a MAC Is Not a Burger

Homecare Insider, July 6, 2009

Homecare providers are being bombarded with new acronyms, such as RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) and PAC (Post-acute Care).  Here is another sound-alike one.

What are MACs?  I have been hearing this term and I’m not sure if I should be worried.

A MAC is a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).  MACs will take over the work of claims review and payment from regional home health intermediaries and other Medicare contractors.  In January 2009, CMS announced the final five contract awards.  Given the role the MACs will play, there have been many protests filed by those organizations that did not receive a contract.  Read more at — click here.

To find out which MAC will replace your agency’s intermediary, click here.  This will identify the contractor for each jurisdiction.

The level of anxiety depends on whether an agency faces a new system.  It looks as though only one intermediary will continue as a MAC, and another intermediary will contract with a second MAC to handle home health and hospice claims.  Also know:  A homecare agency or hospice must work with the MAC that covers its location.  Provider nomination is gone.

Learn more details about Medicare Contracting Reform and MACs.

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