Corporate Compliance

Healthcare consulting firm faces conflicts of interest claims

Compliance Monitor, August 1, 2007

Colorado medical officials who initially raised questions about the relationship between the state's largest health insurer, UnitedHealth Group (UHG), and The Lewin Group of Falls Church, VA--a consulting group studying healthcare reform--say they're satisfied the two entities will avoid any potential conflicts of interest, the Denver Business Journal reports.

Earlier this year, the Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform picked The Lewin Group to evaluate the economic impact of four healthcare reform proposals based on Colorado data.

Lewin managed to turn things around when it met with the Colorado Medical Society and the Colorado Hospital Association. Executives with Lewin assured the two groups that all documents related to the research would be public, making it less likely that UHG could exert undue influence. However, concerns about Lewin's alleged bias linger. Critics, looking at Lewin's work in other states, have suggested that the firm is biased toward single-payor reform models.

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