Corporate Compliance

Tip: Make the proposed revised CC list more manageable for coders

Compliance Monitor, July 25, 2007

Consider the following suggestions for making the revised complication/comorbidity (CC) list more digestible for coding and clinical staff members:

  1. Encourage coders to review the proposed CC list and become familiar with what conditions are deleted, which ones are CCs, and which ones are major CCs (MCCs). For example, pneumonia is a proposed MCC.
  2. Run a report of your hospital's most common diagnoses and compare it with the revised CC list. This will help you direct your documentation improvement efforts toward high-volume conditions that CMS may now consider to be MCCs.
  3. Revisit your focused DRG reviews. This is important, because many of the DRG numbers could change.

Editor's note: To view the proposed revised CC list, visit the CMS Web site at

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