Corporate Compliance

Tip: Tools for training your staff

Compliance Monitor, June 20, 2007

There are several tools you can develop within your department that are inexpensive and effective, such as:

  • Web sites: Develop your own internal Web site by posting responses received from insurance carriers, policies and procedures, and your facility's compliance plan and manual. This also allows for easy updates when needed.
  • Audit meetings: Auditing a physician, department, or section presents an optimal opportunity and setting for training. Going over the audit results and discussing current regulations and potential corrective actions can be informative for participants.
  • Audit forms: If your compliance department uses audit forms, consider using these forms as training tools. Audit forms are especially helpful for explaining the evaluation and management (E/M) guidelines developed by the AMA and CMS. Turn your audit forms into a training pad by resizing them to 3x5 or larger. You might use a real-life medical record to show how an E/M visit would be audited, or you might make up a humorous record.

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