Corporate Compliance

Tip: Include risks in work plan to reduce possibility for error

Compliance Monitor, May 2, 2007

An effective compliance program is the best way to reduce legal risks for Medicaid providers.

Recognition of heightened Medicaid risks should be addressed at the executive compliance committee level and integrated into 2007 work plans.

Identify and prioritize potential risks when setting up a strategy for Medicaid compliance. Also, review the following sources and keep them as a guidance when devising and implementing your compliance strategy:

  • OIG 2007 Work Plan
  • 2006 hotline calls
  • Patterns of denial
  • Trade publications
  • Networking sessions
  • Editor's Note: This is an excerpt of a presentation given by Sarah Kay Wheeler, attorney with Powell Goldstein, LLP in Atlanta, at the 2007 HCCA Compliance Institute.

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