Corporate Compliance

Reporting compliance violations

Compliance Monitor, December 14, 2005

The following list of steps can be given to employees to help them report compliance problems.

  • Report the problem to your boss. In the majority of cases, supervisors are attentive to problems and will follow up appropriately.

  • Be persistent. If the problem is more serious, your supervisor ignores it, or you are unable to report it to your supervisor, go to your hospital's compliance officer. The compliance officer will decide whether the issue warrants an inquiry. The following is contact information for your hospital's compliance officer: [Insert your information here.]

  • Consider an anonymous tip. In some cases, you may want to report a situation without revealing your identity. If you feel you are putting your job at risk or if the problem involves your friend or boss, you can use the hospital's anonymous hotline for reporting, or you can write an anonymous letter to the hospital's compliance officer. The following is your hospital's compliance hotline number: If you choose to report anonymously, consider that one disadvantage of this method is that you may never find out how the matter was resolved.

  • As a last resort, report the instance to the OIG.

    This tip is an excerpt from Strategies for Health Care Compliance.

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