Corporate Compliance

OIG saves, recovers $35.4 billion in 2005

Compliance Monitor, December 7, 2005

The OIG has nearly doubled its savings and recoveries in the past five years, according to its Semiannual Report to Congress. In the report, the OIG said it expects to save or recover nearly $35.4 billion in FY 2005. The tally includes $32.6 billion in implemented savings recommendations, $1.2 billion in audit receivables and another $1.6 billion received as a result of investigations, states a press release issued by the OIG. This year the OIG reported nearly 4,000 fraud and abuse exclusions, 537 criminal actions against individuals or facilities, and 262 civil actions. Two of the settlements in the second half of 2005 include a $325 million-plus fraud settlement with HealthSouth Corporation related to allegations of Medicare Part A cost report fraud and a $532 million refund from the State of New York related to Medicaid audits of school-based services.

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